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Trusts are not always the best hidey hole

It is easy to think of trusts as magical places to hide things.  However, the fortress that the trust may appear can be somewhat less so when assets are being transferred to a trust to avoid creditors getting their hands on them. Dispositions, whether gifts or sales for inadequate value, made to defeat creditors can be … Continue reading

No survivorship endorsement

It is  relatively well understood that it is not possible to record that the legal title to a privately owned property is held on trust: Land Transfer Act, s 128.  However, a lesser known “no survivorship” notation can in fact be used to indicate that the land is owned on trust: Land Transfer Act s 131 … Continue reading

Setting a trust up to fail

Trusts, like relationships, are often settled when the future seems rosy and the possibilities are endless.  When the relationship dream comes to an end, all too often so does the dreams the settlors had regarding the trust and the trust property.  The difficulty where parties cannot make their own decisions, as painful as they may … Continue reading

Trust Fundamentals Webinar

Trusts are the best long-term intergenerational form of asset protection.  However, as litigation involving trusts increases, questions are reasonably asked regarding the “safety” of trusts.  If you are looing for answers or guidance Vicki Ammundsen is presenting a webinar on February 19th discussing the fundamentals of trusts.  Topics covered by the webinar include: Requirements of a valid trust Differentiation between … Continue reading