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Track changes indicative of intention

Wills that do not meet the requirements of the Wills Act 2007 as set out in s 11 of that Act can be validated pursuant to s 14 of the Wills Act.  As noted in Estate of Phillips at [25], “The critical enquiry is whether the documents does any or all of the things described … Continue reading

A Little guidance on s 182

Section 182 of the Family Proceedings Act 1980 empowers “… the courts to review a settlement and make orders to remedy the consequences of the failure of the premise on which the settlement was made” in circumstances where a nuptial settlement has been made upon a trust of which either or both of the spouses … Continue reading

Shaky Ground

Grand View Private Trust Company Ltd v Wong considers whether the exercise of a power to add a beneficiary (subsequent to which the entirety of the trust’s significant assets were transferred to that beneficiary) is valid. By way of background, the former individual beneficiaries of a substantial private discretionary trust sought to a challenge the … Continue reading