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Love lost

When who stopped loving who first is lost to the antiquities of time, for modern lovers there is still the trust to keep them shackled together. And what a shackle, and what expense… Whittle v Whittle is another tale of love lost but the Trust, if not the trust, remaining.  In this case the pesky … Continue reading

The Price of Principles

Principles are important. But who should fund them? When acting as a trustee, it is generally accepted that the trustee will be reimbursed by the trust for any costs incurred.  However, it is important to appreciate that this principle has a caveat – the costs must be reasonably incurred. New Zealand Māori Council v Foulkes … Continue reading

GST and Bare Trusts – who pays the piper?

A bare trust is a trust where the trustee’s only duties are to hold the trust property, take reasonable care of it; and transfer the property to or as directed by the trust’s beneficiary. The duties of a bare trustee are passive (unlike the “normal” position where trustees have positive duties to manage and exercise their … Continue reading

Could this be the end for Stokes v Insight Legal?

Some cases go on for ever.  Long after reason leaves the building, there is a determination that eventually right will prevail.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen because the original perception of what was right was wrong.  Sometimes it is because there simply isn’t proof of what it is believed to have happened. … Continue reading