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Hostility and dysfunction

Family trusts can raise complex considerations and perhaps none moreso than those relating to the changing of the guard as the intergenerational control aspect of family trusts is brought to bear. A contemporary consideration of these matters has been played out on the Triezenberg v Mason chronicles. The most recent iteration is the unsuccessful appeal … Continue reading

No result

Lendich v Codilla  relates to an attempt to claim a beneficial interest in property sold at an undervalue where there was an agreed element of gift. The case also raises the question as to standing of directors and shareholders of a company that has been removed from the register of companies. The issues raised by … Continue reading

Integrity of Trust Administration

Singh v Attorney General is an application under part 5 of the Trusts Act 2019 and pursuant to the High Court rules to defend the applicants’ removal as trustees of the Sikh Sangat NZ Trust (the Trust) and for a Beddoe Order. The applicants separately seek the removal of the Trust’s founding trustee and an … Continue reading

Not enough to explain

The subject of who determines capacity is a live topic. Is it medical? Is it legal? More importantly, does it make sense? The test regarding testamentary capacity is generally well understood. The trick is to understand it. The High Court decision in Public Trust v Lawrence clearly articulates the divide between understood and understand. As … Continue reading

Domestic Trust Reporting

The Taxation (Income Tax Rate and Other Matters) Act 2020 enacted on 7 December 2020a introduced a new top personal tax rate of 39% and increased disclosure requirements fortrusts for the 2021–22 and later income years. See Reporting requirements for domestic trusts. The new disclosure rules have now been finalised and are contained in section59BA … Continue reading

Directions under the Trusts Act

The decision in Re Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust may on first blush appear esoteric and outside the mainstream. However, the decision warrants careful reading as it is one of the few cases to date to consider default duties imposed by the Trusts Act 2019 in a practical construct. The case relates to a proposed restructure … Continue reading

What about the little people?

The Trusts Act 2019 came into full force and effect on 30 January 2021. A year later we have the benefit of court decisions regarding how the Trusts Act will be interpreted and followed in practice. Early decisions under the Trusts Act reflected, perhaps not surprisingly, applications for variation. Section 121 of the Trusts Act … Continue reading

Well intended

Grammarist states that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” means that it is not enough to simply mean to do well, one must take action to do well. A good intention is meaningless unless it is followed by a good action.  It would be difficult to find a more comparable case as an example … Continue reading

Slow burn

The Estate of the Late J.D. Hanson relates to long-term asset and estate planning intended by the deceased to ensure that he died “neatly.” His commitment to this was such that a Neatly Board was established. However, as demonstrated in the Estate of the Late J.D. Hanson, the ultimate state of affairs was not at … Continue reading

Be careful what you wish for

Memoranda of wishes, also referred to as statements or letters of wishes, letters or memoranda of guidance and similar are a common feature of modern trusts. However, perhaps surprisingly there has been little guidance regarding the position of subsequent memoranda of wishes, specifically where subsequent wishes are inconsistent with earlier wishes do the most recent … Continue reading