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The long awaited Court of Appeal decision on the subject of illusory trusts should make unsettling reading for many a settlor, and perhaps their advisers too. The decision, which runs to 96 pages is substantial.  The message is mixed.  While the trust in question was found to be valid (illusion it turns out, is just … Continue reading

Trustee support

I talk a lot about all the things that go horridly wrong for trustees and all the mistakes they make and how they can do better, try harder.  But the difficulty for many trustees is that even if they know they are not doing a great job, they don’t actually know how to pick up … Continue reading

Trustees and dementia

The early signs of dementia can be subtle.  Although dementia can occur at any age, it is far more common amongst the older demographic. Accordingly, while lawyers and accountants, and trustees generally are rarely mental health experts, it is important to say alive to the early signs of dementia so that risks can be identified … Continue reading

Status of debts back

The relationship between trusts and relationship property agreements requires careful attention. Whether or not trustees can or should be party to a relationship property agreement is one of many important considerations.  Another consideration is how debts owing by trustees should be treated for relationship property purposes. Importantly, if there is no relationship property agreement (and assets are … Continue reading