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An education

The Supreme Court has overturned the Court of Appeal decision Family First New Zealand v Attorney-General. See Family First to keep the home fires burning. The history of this case is complex. On 15 April 2013 the (then) Charities Registration Board resolved to de-register Family First New Zealand (Family First) as a registered charity on … Continue reading

Bless me for I have been acrimonious

The background to Turvey v Vance relates to diametrically opposed intra-family division with respect to the FB Turvey Family Trust and the P Turvey Family Trust (the Trusts). The Trusts were mirror trusts and as such the settlor of each of the trusts was not able to benefit from the trust that person settled. In … Continue reading

Resettlement pursuant to section 124 of the Trusts Act

The trustees of The Elizabeth Ann Bensaude Family Trust (NO. 2) Trust (the Bensaude Trust) wish to resettle the assets of that trust onto a new trust, the JJ Family Trust. The settlor of the Bensaude Trust was Elizabeth Bensaude’s mother. Elizabeth Bensaude was the settlor of the JJ Family Trust. The Bensaude Trust is … Continue reading