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Webinar series

The use (and abuse) of trusts remains an important facet of asset and estate planning.  Vicki Ammundsen is presenting a series of webinars with CCH business fitness targeted at trustees and trust advisers. 

The series of webinars also includes a webinar on the increasingly thorny issue of residential care subsidies.

For more information (and for the “season pass” special) see:

Winding Up:                       http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/31-may-trust-series-winding-up-trusts/

Trustee Liability:               http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/19-jun-trust-series-trustee-liability/

Beneficiary Rights:           http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/10-jul-trust-series-beneficiary-rights/

Variations:                          http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/7-aug-trust-series-variation-of-trusts/

Charitable Trusts:             http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/4-sep-trust-series-charitable-trusts/

Residential Subsidy:        http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/25-sep-trust-series-residential-care-subsidies/

Taxation of Trusts:           http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/16-oct-trust-series-taxation-of-trusts/

Current issues:                  http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/13-nov-trust-series-current-issues/

Powers of the Court:      http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/4-dec-trust-series-powers-of-the-court/


There is also a buy 7 get one free Season Pass:  http://cchbusinessfitnessnz.mybigcommerce.com/trust-series-season-pass-8-webinars/


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