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Beneficiary Rights Webinar

Beneficiary Rights – Wednesday 10th July

Presented by Vicki Ammundsen 

Beneficiaries are fundamental to a valid trust. Although it is common for the terms of a deed of trust to allow trustees to favour some beneficiaries over others, it is important for lawyers and accountants who advise trustees and beneficiaries to have a good understanding and appreciation of what rights (if any), any particular beneficiary has.

The webinar, which will include the opportunity to ask questions, will utilise a case study to highlight beneficiary rights and how these should be dealt with in practice.

 Subjects covered include:

  • A discussion of the rights different beneficiaries have
  • When or whether beneficial interests will support a caveat
  • How to respond to information requests from a beneficiary
  • The documents that have to be disclosed to a beneficiary
  • Beneficiary income
  • Current accounts
  • The Review of the Law of Trusts

 When: Wed 10 July 2013, 10:30 – 11:45pm   Duration: 75 mins  Cost: $180.00 (excl. GST). Click here to book the webinar.


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