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Trustee liability

I write a lot about trustee liability.  The reason for that is simple – there is lots to write about.  Being a trustee is a risky business, and sadly many trustees are not sufficiently aware of the risks of trusteeship.

For trustees or advisers who want to be better informed I have written a book in a simple Question and Answer format that guides trustees through appointment, retirement and all the pitfalls in between with practical examples drawn from real situations.

Readers of Matters of Trust can purchase Trustee Liability – What Every Trustee Needs To Know directly from CCH and if you enter the promotion code NTST10 you will receive a 10% discounthttp://www.cch.co.nz/nz/onlinestore/ProductDetails.aspx?PageTitle=Trustee-Liability-What-Every-Trustee-Needs-To-Know&ProductID=13597



2 thoughts on “Trustee liability

  1. Unfortunately it won’t let us open the link in respect of purchase of the book? Please can I have details of cost? Thank you.

    Posted by Annette Lee | April 29, 2015, 1:35 pm

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