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Trust case-law up-date

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of new trust case law?  Help is at hand.  Vicki Ammundsen and John Brown are presenting a webinar on critical trust cases for 2017.  For more information see Webinar Series 2017 – Critical Trust Cases.

Cases covered include:

  • Marshall Family Trust and Godfrey v McCormick – critical analysis of whether attorneys under EPOAs exercise powers of appointment
  • Erceg v Erceg – dealing with beneficiary requests for information
  • McLaren v McLaren – in this case Parents were removed as beneficiaries by their son. How open ended is the power of appointment/removal of beneficiaries in the trust precedents you use? What duties does an appointor owe? Does your precedent need review?
  • Intext Coating v Deo – Subrogation. Backwards tracing into debt. What does this actually mean?
  • Chambers v SR Hamiltonmemoranda of wishes update
  • Proprietors of Wakatu v Attorney-General  – trustees’ fiduciary obligations


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