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Trust Fundamentals

Trusts are a common form of asset ownership. However, the rights and obligations associated with trusts, and even simple matters such as contracting with trusts are not always well understood. Vicki Ammundsen will present a webinar on trust fundamentals on 14 February 2018 at 10.30am.  The webinar will take a case study approach to explore how and why trusts are settled, when a trust is appropriate, when it might not be, best practice for on-going governance and the lessons from Clayton and Mezhprom Bank v Pugachev.

Consideration will be given to the Trusts Bill and what effect a new Trusts Act will have on trust fundamentals

The webinar, which will conclude with a question and answer section, will cover the fundamentals of settling and administering family trusts in a changing trust environment.

For more information see CCH Learning – Trust Fundamentals


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