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Trusts SIG

Trust SIG – 26 June Meeting

At the Trusts Special Interest Group’s next meeting on 26 June 2018:

  • Geoff Clews will discuss the emerging ability to give and solutions to the problem of how to give. Increasing wealth has highlighted a trend toward many looking to leave a personal legacy through a philanthropic endeavour as well as providing for the family.  Questions such as how to give effectively, overcoming the issue of “my money is too small” and structures to facilitate giving will be examined, and
  • Timothy Orr will then discuss the most common scenarios that lead to claims being made against Estates. The seminar will focus on providing advice and options for advisors when they are assisting those clients with family circumstances that have a potential to result a breakdown of relationships amongst the survivors upon the death of one or more persons. The talk will cover a summary of the legislative framework as it applies to estate planning and how to best minimise the risk of a  claim. There will be a discussion of when and if certain structures or documents should be prepared, the benefits and risks of those approaches and the likelihood of the wishes of the parties being upheld in the event of there being disgruntled family members.

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