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A judge’s insight on Beddoe applications

Ten years ago, very few New Zealand practitioners were aware of or made use of Beddoe applications. More recently Beddoe applications have become increasingly important for trustees who are wanting to protect themselves in regard to costs in trust litigation.

However, there are some very important points trustees need to bear in mind regarding Beddoe applications, their scope and what the Court is wanting from trustees when making such an application.

The Trusts Special Interest Group mini-conference presents a unique opportunity to hear from High Court judge the Honourable Sally Fitzgerald who will provide invaluable insight to this increasing important facility available to trustees.

For more information see Trusts Special Interest Group Mini-Conference

For more information on Beddoe applications see Beddoe late than never; To Beddoe or not??, Strangers and Beddoe orders; A little light on Beddoe applications.


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